Friday, June 24, 2005

Wow. Seriously.

I should have saved this post for later, when I can accompany the Wow with a real, live photo. That's because the coolest boyfriend ever got me a digital camera as a surprise. Now, he's totally the coolest boyfriend ever even without the surprise electronic gifts (this is also the guy who got me an iPod). He is thoughtful and sweet and handsome and generous and funny and smart and loyal and loving and all that good stuff. And he also got me a super cool present! Yay!

Its a Canon Digital Elph somethingorother. I was so excited just to hold it in my hands that I didn't quite pay attention to exactly what it was. But I promise to post a photo of it and many other things v. soon. Like my skirt. And my shawl. And ME!

He said he wanted to get it for my birthday, which is in September. But with our Los Angeles trip coming up, he wanted me to have it sooner. What a sweet heart! Seriously! And now I can take a zillion pictures of our trip, and of Shelley so that I can remember what she looks like during those dark and lonely moments when I miss her so much I can barely stand it.

The best thing I've heard about this so far comes from a friend at work, who proclaimed that she would give up being gay so that she can date my boyfriend. Aw. Now that's the ultimate compliment, no?

And with that, I leave you on pins and needles waiting for the very first picture on Scrambled Eggs. Hooray!

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peaches said...

Oh Megs!! What an amazing, powerful blog...

I am sitting at my desk here with my eyes welled up with tears because I miss you so much I can barely stand it.

That's strange that I emailed you this morning how I missed you so incredibly much -- and you were writing the same in your blog.

Even though you are 3,000 miles away, you are with me always.

I am counting the days until you get here. It's all I talk about with Jason and my co-workers.

I love you I love you I love you

And you are far from worthless, my little Eggie Weggies. Hunter can go fuck itself -- piece of shit university, making my best friend lose her mind....

I envy YOU!! You have knitting and sewing and HOBBIES. I just work all the goddam time.

I'm so glad you wrote me to share your blog.

XX Your little peach