Thursday, June 23, 2005


Right outside my office door is a vending machine. Its right next to the elevator. And on the way to the bathroom. Basically, as I pee a lot, and shuffle between the 5th and 6th floors of my building, I see this thing a million times each day. And I look at it. I peruse its contents. Even when I'm not hungry. Even when I know I don't have any cash on me, not even the 60 cents required for a bag of pretzels. Even though I know that the dudes only come every 2-3 weeks to change/rotate the goods.

I still look.

It has all sorts of food that I don't eat. Like greasy potato chips and sugar wafer cookies. Off brands of breath mints. Pouches of chashews.

And I still look.

What makes me do this? I have what I need right in front of me - I bring a lunch and at least two snacks to work each day. Yet I still look at the crap in the vending machine. I admit, sometimes I buy the pretzels. They are actually pretty good. And when you're too lazy or its too hot or cold or wet to go down to the deli on the corner, they are great. But why do I stare at the Famous Amos mini chocolate chip cookie bag? I don't even like hard cookies.


I finished my skirt last night. Finally. The hem was pretty hard, as it is curved. I kind of fudged it a little but after I pressed it you can't really tell I fudged it. I shall ask Mike to take a photo this weekend, and it shall be my first photo. I had inspiration this week - and made some sketches of two items I'd like to make. Hopefully, I shall show some pics soon...

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