Thursday, June 02, 2005

Where Does It All Go?

I bought some things yesterday. I've been doing that a lot. I talked to M. about it this morning and I think its a reaction to The Big H. All this stress is making me act out in ways that exaggerate my normal functioning. Like shopping. Sure, I shop a lot but I've grown really good at using only cash and never credit, as I'm doing well in digging myself out of that hole. But these past few weeks its like I've been on a bender. A fashionable bender, and one that leaves a similar hangover.

In my defense, I have returned many items that were just too expensive or not entirely perfect, so the total amount isn't astonishing by any means. And 80% of it has been purchased with cash, so its still acceptable according to my own financial rules.

I am also allowing myself to purchase things knowing (or at this point, hoping and perhaps dying) that I'll be on no income for the next two years while in graduate school. So, its a good idea to stock up on basics like underwear and stuff while I have the money to do so. But come on. This is ridiculous. I should be saving my cash for food for the next two years instead of replacing worn-out jeans.

Whatever. I'm sick of talking about that.

On to what I purchased yesterday - and about which I am SO excited. I got two hats. TWO HATS. This is a momentus occasion, for two reasons. The first reason: I am very pale. So pale that I often glow in sunlight. Pale enough that I'm almost pink and blotchy. Pale enough that any amount of sunlight translates into a burn, and at least once a year, some form of sun-poisioning. Its pretty bad. I also think I tend to be funny-looking. I have a longer oval face which makes things like wearing hats make me look strange. Even though I try, knowing that its a great idea for me to keep the sun off of my face. But yesterday changed everything. I got something very similar to this hat on sale for $10 (mine doesn't have the band around the brim, but rather around the hat portion) and a cowboy-inspired straw hat as well, from American Eagle. They don't have it on their web site for some reason. Can you beat it? I don't think so. Two hats. Two ways of protecting my face. Hooray for hats.

But boo for sunglasses. Mine broke yesterday. Very upsetting. I'm the type that sticks with sunglasses forever. In high school, I got a funky orange pair from St. Mark's Place that I wore through to the end of college. Then, right after college graduation, I got a pair that lasted until last summer, when I got the pair that just broke. After one year. Less than a year, actually. I bought a pair yesterday that I think I'm going to return after work today. Oh well. You win some and lose some. I think I'm happy enough with the two hats not to tempt fate and try for two hat and a pair of glasses.

Wow. I imagine this was quite boring. My appologies. Something snappier and such awaits you tomorrow.

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