Friday, June 10, 2005

Now I'm Responsible

I did it. I signed all the paperwork, allocations included, for my 401k. Its done. I'm committed to staying here until I vest. And, interestingly, my coworkers who were privvy to my school plans are all really supportive of my staying. Some of them (the important ones) even said that they had been holding back on giving me good work because they knew I had one foot out the door. Interesting. I can't say I blame them, but I'm also glad to know that I'll be back in the game for some meaty projects that will hold my interest and stretch my brain. I actually feel good about my choice. Yes, the Prezzy is totally bonkers, but what's to say that the next place I go to will have a different dynamic? At least this is a known quantity, and one I can deal with (thus far, anyway).

I think I should give this place a chance. I never really did, you know? When I got here last July, I had NYU in my pocket and the promise of Hunter. I was SURE that I would be leaving on exactly one year, and so I didn't really try too hard and basically tried to stay under the radar. Then my position shifted and I became a lot more integral to a particular piece of our work, and even started to like it. And now, I can move in even more directions, as I have definitely developed amazing skills here and can see how they can apply in different situations.

On another, equally important note, I am ALMOST done with the coolest skirt ever. Yesterday I assembled the fronts and backs, connected them with my super awesome invisible zipper foot, corrected a minor mistake (really, you can't even tell) and prepped it for finishing. All I have left is to topstitch down the yoke lining and do the hem. It is So. Freaking. Cute. And I can't wait to wear it!

The pattern size I chose (a size 10 in pattern sizes, which are completely different from store sizes, where I were a 0) is a little big. I adjusted the seam allowances on the sides, thinking this may happen, and its still a bit roomy. Nothing major, as I'll just wear it lower on my hips. But I think that the next time I make this skirt (I already have two other fabrics purchased and ready to go) I will hang the pattern piece 1/4 inch off the edge of the fold. That will make the front and back each 1/2 inch less wide, for a one inch loss total. I have to re-check my measurements on the finished skirt to be sure, but I think that would work for me. Maybe 3/4 inches would be better total, but we'll see. I have to learn to think in centimeters, as its so much easier when sewing. I can't really handle all the eighths in my math-retarded brain.

I asked M. about taking some pictures so that I can finally add some spice to this lame-o blog. Perhaps I can sweet-talk him into doing it this weekend.

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