Monday, June 27, 2005

All's well that ends well... almost

I have the camera. I have the work to post about. But it seems that somewhere along the way, the g-ds stopped smiling.

On Friday, the day after the BBFE (best boyfriend ever) gifted me the camera, I decided it was high time to make my second skirt, and document the process. I only took a few photos, as I was so engrossed in the process that I didn't remember until all the fun stuff was over. But here's the pattern piece of the skirt front:

I was going and going and going and going, even through inserting the invisible zipper:

And here is what happened next:

Yes, that's a few hundred yards of thread (not all pictured), which I yanked out of the bobbin. No, its not bobbin thread. Its sewing thread, the top thread, which should not be pulled out of the bobbin casing. Um, so what happened? I had to wind a new bobbin, because all of the ones my aunt gave me with the machine were used up. I haven't wound a bobbin since my first sewing class over one year ago. And I forgot how. So, while I was figuring it out using trial and error, i.e. winding the bobbin while NOT disengaging the needle from the motor, I was actually forcing thread through the system and around all of the inner workings of the machine. Um, yeah. Super bad. So bad that the thing Stopped Working. And so did my heart.

I had fully intended on finishing the skirt on Friday night. But with no machine, and the waistband facing and hem still to go, how on earth was I going to manage that? Since inheriting the machine, I have become a hand-sewing snob (rightly so). So I pouted. And I consulted my "budget" to see about reapairs v. buying a new machine. And I almost cried a little. But let's fast forward to Sunday morning... and the BBFE's amazing skills in yet another area. The dude takes the machine apart and fixes it. Say wha'?

He's in there with tweezers, my seam ripper and a screwdriver, and he fixes my machine. My hero.

Unfortunately, after working at the store all weekend I got lazy and only finished the waistband last night. I still have to do the hem, and then I'm all set. Finished picture to come tomorrow!

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