Thursday, June 07, 2007

The shoes fit!

Hooray! Mike brought the shoes home last night and I tried them on this morning. They fit! And they are lovely! I want to wear them around the house for a bit before I decide, but I have a good feeling about them. Gosh, I really really do think they are perfect.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Geez, Four Months? Really?

I don't know how many more of these posts I can handle! Yes, I'm still alive. No, I don't think anyone is reading.

I've been slaving away on my third semester of grad school, which ended one week ago. I got one grade back so far (A!) and am waiting for my other one. As of this semester, I am officially almost half way through the program. Almost. That gives me some hope for sure, even though the finals period never seems to get any easier, no matter how much older I get.

Now that the semester is over, I can relax! Choose how I want to spend my evenings rather than have them dictated by my class and gym schedule. Free time is a lovely and precious gift, that's for sure. And with my free time, its time to get back in the sewing game. I have lots of things I want to make. To inspire myself, I'm wearing a skirt I made two summers ago, and I have to say, I still really like it. The pattern is crazy easy and it looks so professional, if I do say so myself. No pics, sorry.

I'm also deep into the wedding planning, which often sucks the life out of Mike and I. We just this weekend decided on the wording for our invitations. I think its very sweet. Not too stuffy or formal and very representative of the feel I want the wedding to have: Big Party!! And, yesterday I bought a pair of shoes from Nordstrom's online store that may be the shoes for the big day, depending on how comfortable they are.

This photo makes them look a little silvery but they are supposed to be gold. We'll see what they look like when they show up!

I also had my hair trial. Ok, can I just say, as an aside, that this whole wedding industry sucks? Its all about perfection and spending money to get there. That bugs me. But when you're spending a fortune on a photographer, I guess it makes sense to spend a fortune on primping for those pricey photos! Anyhow, I lovelovelove the gal who is doing my hair and she did a fantastic job with my knotty, curly mess.

Of course, I'm talking in this photo because my sister was there and there's never a silent moment when the two of us are in the same room. And the hair is the general idea. Swept up and back off of my face, and cascading (cascading?!) down in the back in soft curls, and a slight taper at the bottom. I felt so soft and romantic and pretty. Aw.

Ok. Enough. Maybe I'll post again before the next four months fly by!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Brial Beauty

I am super excited - I'm going dress shopping tomorrow afternoon! The dress has been just about the only wedding-type thing that I've been excited about. I don't really want a wedding, I'd rather just be married. But Mike is very traditional and very romantic and all the lovely things you want in a husband, and it is so important to him that we do this the wedding way, that I'm getting myself exited for the whole money-sucking operation. But I didn't need any help with the dress. I've always been excited about the dress.

I just have no idea what I want! I know what I don't want:
  1. Strapless. I hate strapless dresses, strapless tops, strapless everything. Hate. Yuck.
  2. Big fat ball gown. I'm 5'3" and about 100 pounds. Anything bigger than A-line swallows me whole. A big poufy skirt is the thing I think I'd look the worst in.
  3. Pure white. I'm super pale, with pink undertones. Bright white makes me look like an alien. I'll definitely be going the ivory route.
That's it. That's all I got. Oh, I guess there are a two things I want - I want a low or no back, and I want something that defines my waist/hip area with more structure/curves. That's it. I am totally open otherwise!! Hopefully, these ladies will help me find it.

Wish me luck!!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

My Ball and Chain

Yay! My sweetpea finally took photos of my ring with his super fancy camera. They came out so pretty. Of course, I'm totally biased. But I love it so...






Friday, February 02, 2007


I had to do it. I just had to. The prices were too good, and I sleuthed a promotion code from the interweb, which made them all that much cheaper.

I present to you two of my new three pairs of shoes. Yes, I bought three pairs of shoes, online, all at once. I suppose I was detoxing from "No Frivolous Spending January."

This pair wound up costing $15.99. Original price was $89.99, on I love that store! Great comfort and super good styling, especially as of late. I'm headed to a wedding in March, and I figure that these are excellent dress up shoes for a less than formal affair (beach wedding, Florida, etc.) and that they'll be a good addition to my regular rotation of spiky heels.
And this pair I got for $39.99, original price of $79.99. Hooray! So cute. I love red shoes. How adorable with a pair of skinny jeans? Or a denim skirt?
The best part is that I ordered them two days ago and they arrived today. The third pair is probably on its way, but seriously. Who cares when I have these two to keep me happy!

I guess I missed blogging, being that this post makes it twice in one week when I've blogged twice in the last three months. Ok. I'm back on it.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Still Still Alive

Hmm, its almost February and I realized that I have barely posted since December. What up? I guess part of it is guilt, part of it is laziness and part of it is time.

  1. I'm guilty about not doing much knitting or sewing these past several weeks. I started a beret that I didn't finish, and I still have some old old projects in the works that I don't know if I'll ever pick up again.
  2. I'm lazy about everything these days as I had my winter break from grad school and thoroughly enjoyed doing anything I wanted.
  3. I don't have the time anymore, with my new job (not so new anymore, I guess) and school and planning a wedding.

Mike and I booked our location for the big day, and we just love it. We went back and forth about a lot of different sites, their advantages and disadvantages, and couldn't really find many negatives about this place. We both got a really great vibe there, both from the space itself and from our contact, the lovely J.

And I still owe pictures of my beautiful ring to so many people... I think I just have to buckle down and photograph it tonight after class! Its still just as perfect, and I love that it is mine. I also love the reactions I get from people who notice it - it makes me really proud and happy to have something so meaningful, and to have that be recognized by strangers who notice how unique and lovely it is. Someone called it "thoughtful" the other day, and that really touched a chord with me. It is thoughtful. And I love it.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Still Alive

Not much to say, just wanted to alert the masses that I am indeed still alive. The one thing of note:

I'm in to run 100 miles by April 1st. I'm pretty excited about this and I'm already on my way!