Friday, February 09, 2007

Brial Beauty

I am super excited - I'm going dress shopping tomorrow afternoon! The dress has been just about the only wedding-type thing that I've been excited about. I don't really want a wedding, I'd rather just be married. But Mike is very traditional and very romantic and all the lovely things you want in a husband, and it is so important to him that we do this the wedding way, that I'm getting myself exited for the whole money-sucking operation. But I didn't need any help with the dress. I've always been excited about the dress.

I just have no idea what I want! I know what I don't want:
  1. Strapless. I hate strapless dresses, strapless tops, strapless everything. Hate. Yuck.
  2. Big fat ball gown. I'm 5'3" and about 100 pounds. Anything bigger than A-line swallows me whole. A big poufy skirt is the thing I think I'd look the worst in.
  3. Pure white. I'm super pale, with pink undertones. Bright white makes me look like an alien. I'll definitely be going the ivory route.
That's it. That's all I got. Oh, I guess there are a two things I want - I want a low or no back, and I want something that defines my waist/hip area with more structure/curves. That's it. I am totally open otherwise!! Hopefully, these ladies will help me find it.

Wish me luck!!

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