Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Almost There

I am almost finished. Last night I skipped the gym (in my defense, I ran on Sunday and Monday and thus deserved the break) and did the shawl. Its so hard doing those last rows. My fingers ached and it was so hot in my apartment. I had to drop to my skivvies to hold all that wool on my lap. I had 8 rows to go. And I did them. I did four rows and then did the dishes. I did two rows and then did my arm weights. And then I decided to do the last two rows, even though I was exhausted. I only got so far:

What you see is 1/4 of the bind off row. By that time I had no patience left. But this morning after eating breakfast (and while dawdling with my getting-ready-ness) I got past the center marker. So, I now have half a bind off row to go. I am SO proud of how it looks. And I actually think that the color looks right in the photo, too.

Tonight, my plan is to go to the gym, then finish binding off and block. Hopefully it will dry before my plane leaves on Friday morning!

1 comment:

peaches said...

It looks fantastic honey!! Maybe you can wear the shawl for those chilly nights by the ocean in CALIFORNIA!!!!