Thursday, June 09, 2005

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

My boss (the Prez of the organization) called me this morning to ask why I was not participating in the pension plan. The amazing pension plan, I might add. If I contribute 5%, the org will match 14.3%, fully vested in 18 months from date of hire. In a 401(k), a real pension, not the lame-o 403(b) that nonprofits are usually stuck with. I hadn't participated in it because I thought that I'd be out the door 6 weeks from now, and couldn't spare the extra cash without something in return.

But she called me. And asked me why. This is not unusual for her - she tends towards the Slash-And-Burn style of management. And I stammered a little and said, "Well, you know, I've been thinking about it a lot lately and I know its the right thing to do for my future, but its hard to give up the extra cash from my paycheck given my expenses right now." She said that, speaking from an older woman perspective, that this is something really important that I shouldn't pass up. And that she wished that she had someone to tell her to do it when she was my age. What could I say? I said, sure. I'll do it.

I have a meeting with the HR rep today to do the paperwork.

But here is the dilemma: if I do this, I want to do it only to get the fully vested match. Which means I'm committing to stay here until January 2006. I know, that's only like 7 months away, but still, that's a long time. What should I do? I'm comfortable here, regardless of whether I enjoy my work. I have amazing hours (I'm out at 4:30 each day) and my commute is only about 25 minutes. My salary is decent. Its less than I was making at my old job (from which I was fired, but that's another story) but its comparable to someone my age in my field, if a little on the lower side. I wish it was more, sure, but that could change in October, when raises are given. And there's no guarantee of making more $ if I switch jobs, and less so if I switch industries, which I am wont to do these days.

If I do the pension, then I won't look for a new job. Its that simple. And given that my resume and cover letter are 95% complete, this is pretty serious.

Oy, the drama. Help! Seriously, help!

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