Tuesday, August 30, 2005

In Other News

I have not crafted in some time. Well, that's not true. What's true is that I have made virtually no craft progress.

On Sunday, while taking the LIRR home to visit my family, I knit one 4-row pattern repeat on the blanket-shawl. That thing is gonna take me forever, but I'm proud to say that I finished the first skein of Elegance and am ready to add the next one, provided that I continue to knit it. The original pattern calls for 350 yards, which would be about three skeins, but I am using one size smaller needles and I want to make it bigger. That's why I bought 7 skeins. But the thought of getting through two more, much less 6 more, is making me tired. Just plain tired.

I still have to put the dumb zipper in on the dress. Uh, pretty soon it'll be too freaking cold to even wear the dress. And, I don't think its gonna fit me, so I'm kinda not interested anymore. I think its going to be too tight on the waist, but I'm too lazy to rip out the bodice to skirt seams, and then the side seams of the bodice to open them a little, which is what I should do instead of hoping against hope that I can zip it up if I just shorten the seam allowance at the zipper. Oy. What if I just opened the sewn seams at the parts where I need to access the sides? That might work, but I would also need to re-attach it to the skirt... hmm... nope, that wouldn't do. That settles it. Tonight, I rip out the seams and give myself room to breathe. Literally.

I dyed my hair. Rather, my mother dyed by hair when I went home on Sunday. It was kind of the point. I used Preference, in a shade called Intense Red. Its darker than I expected it to be, and I'm not sure if it'll lighten up. But I do expect it to 'settle' in to a color that it isn't right now. I'm still getting used to it, let's just leave it at that. I shall ask Mike to take a photo tonight, if I remember, so that all of you (non)readers can take a looksie.

And I'm done.

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