Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Moving Along

After getting my new yarn delivery yesterday, of course all I wanted to do was knit it up! But, the needles. I thought I had finally got to a point (ha ha, needles, point, ha) where I didn't need to buy a new set of needles for each new project. Now, that's true, to a certain extent. But I didn't have what I needed to start last night.

The pattern
I'm using calls for 10.5s, but I wasn't convinced that was the right size for the substitute yarn I got. I swatched with 7s and it was a little too many stitches per inch for my taste (and the gauge, which for this shawl, I imagine is flexible). But my 8s are being used in Mike's sister's baby blanket (no, no progress whatsoever beyond the first hank of yarn but I do have until February) and I didn't want to remove them as that's a whole lotta stitches to put on a holder. So I couldn't do anything. Nothing. And it is so soft and pretty and I wanted to continue my swatch just so I could use it... but I stopped myself and put it aside. Today at lunch I went to Purl and got size 9 Addis and I'll be moving forward with those tonight. I am so excited to make this shawl.

Today was also a good day for my eyes. My eye doc, g-d bless him, said that everything should resolve itself and that my main problem right now is just dryness. So, its drops of special lube 4 x daily for 4 weeks and another checkup. And my pressue is back to normal after stopping the eye 'roids, so no glaucoma worries, either. Hip hip hooray!

Tomorrow I shall post some photos of my shawl progress with the pretty pretty purple loveliness.

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