Thursday, August 11, 2005

Preparation Sucks

I finally did something crafty last night. Finally. I cut those damned dress pieces. Now, I love sewing. LOVE sewing. But I really dislike prepping to sew. I am fine with lining up seams and pinning and prepping and pressing, etc, but I truly hate cutting fabric. I'm good at it, so its not that I hate it because I suck, I just hate the time it takes and the pressure to do it right and all that.

I know I've spoken of it before, but here is what I am making, the dress itself:

This is my kitchen (read: sewing) table with most of the dress pieces cut, but still pinned, as I have no idea where my chalk is:

In case you can't tell what the fabric looks like, this is it. Its a stretch cotton and just beautiful:

And this is me, all sweaty after cutting on the kitchen floor and table for an hour, post-gym. Don't I look fabulous? A truly honest self-portrait. Note the sweaty forehead, and the look of almost heady relief at being mostly done cutting.

What's next? I need chalk so that I can transfer the guides for the darts, etc. I also need to cut some fusible interfacing for the bodice pieces. They also say to do it for the skirt, but I think that fabric is sturdy enough to bypass it for the skirt. Any suggestions here? I also think that when I head down to my store to get the chalk, I will purchase a pattern for a summer top. I don't know if I'm ready to take the plunge into the dress without first trying to do a top. I know its all the same sewing, but I'm just curious. Something small to complete first may give me some courage and confidence.

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peaches said...

That looks AMAZING!! You go girl! Will you model it on here when you're done?