Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Bad Blogger, Bad!

I still here. Not that I think anyone actually reads this (which is probably better, by the way), but I'm still here. Nothing to report on the crafty front.

I didn't really work much at all on the shawl. Which I realized last night is going to be huge and blanket-like, and less shawl-like. But its so freaking soft that I hardly care, as its not really punishment to wear it during the winter. Like a blankie. My soft purple blankie. Yah.

I had every intention of inserting the zipper into my dress last night, but then I watched the Six Feet Under finale (I missed it on Sunday) and was pretty much incapacitated. I don't even know what to say about it. I was bawling. And of course, looking/thinking/seeing death makes me think about my dad. And I went to sleep last night hoping that I would dream about him because I miss him. And I did, but it was a terrible dream. He was looking at me and I was really uncomfortable for some reason and my stomach broke out in hives in the shape of a butterfly. He kept asking me what was happening and I had to keep telling him that it was his fault, that it was his fault I had the terrible ugly hives because he was there and he shouldn't have been. Um, this is all in the dream in case any of you non-readers thought it was real. He's dead.

And going with the dead theme, my mom broached the subject of what to do with his ashes during our lunch date today. I am so not ready to think about that, even though its been 7 freaking years.

Um. I'm pretty tense today. I think I need to do a run instead of Pilates, you know? I need some tension relief. Seriously. I'm totally agitated.

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Jessica said...

Oh man, don't you just hate nightmares?! I had some awful ones the night before last and I was out of sorts all day after that...

Well, I hope you get that run in and it helps clear your mind a bit.

You will probably love cuddling up to that soft "blanket" thise winter!