Wednesday, August 24, 2005


The New York Times reported today that a new study identified nearly ONE QUARTER (24.5%) of Americans as obese. This is no janky study, either. Its data from the freaking CDC.

Is anyone as shocked as I am about this? Its ridiculous! One quarter of adults in this country. That is astounding. Not to mention the children who will grow up practically breeding heart disease, diabetes and joint replacements.

Ok, I know that I tend to be rather obsessive about my weight and my body. I even joke that its a wonder I'm not anorexic, given the history of my teenage years. Though, there are some who would argue that I'm constantly in limbo on that one.

But seriously.


What is the joy in living if you can't move your body? Are potato chips and soda so important to hapiness? Does it make you feel good when you get winded walking from your front door to your car in the driveway? Turn off the TV, shut your mouth and move your legs. Its really not that hard. You just have to TRY. Why wouldn't you want to? Why wouldn't you want to feel the strength of your body, to see your muscles working, to feel the energy you can create and control. I'm not saying that everyone needs to join a gym or get a nutritionist. Just get off the freaking couch. Walk around the block a few times after dinner. Stop drinking Coke. Put down the second piece of pie at your next party. Don't order dessert when you go out to eat. Show some freaking personal responsibility and take care of the body you were given. Do you think your mother went through however many hours of labor so that you could be slothful and destroy your body? Show some respect for yourself and your family and take care of yourself. This isn't about shame or wearing a size 2, this is about responsibility to be healthy. So many people lose their lives to unnatural or unpreventable circumstances. Why throw yours down the shitter when you don't have to?

I got my September issue of Allure last night and finished up an article this morning on the subway about little things that can ruin or make a sucessful eating plan. These things are so easy, so common sense oriented that I am amazed that people need to learn them. In the spirit of health (but not copyright infringement), I shall list them here:
  1. Liquids have calories. That means soda, cream in your coffee, your milk-based latte, your margarita or beer after work, all of it.
  2. Eat naturally to control your cravings. Studies show that people who use artifical sweeteners while trying to be 'good' wind up actually indulging more in other sweets.
  3. Have a good attitude and set reasonable goals. And keep an eye on what you are putting in your mouth and what you are actually burning through activity.
  4. Eat normal sized meals and seriously watch portion sizes. Restaurant servings are easily twice the normal portion. Don't clear you plate just because there is food on it.
  5. Eat protein to feel fuller longer.
  6. Get enough fiber, also to help you feel full and to ensure proper digestion. That means fruits and veggies, people. French fries and iceberg lettuce don't count.
  7. You eat more when you're tired, but way more than required, and not out of need. Bottom line, make better choices, especially when you're sleepy or drunk.
  8. Eat fruit. Lots of fruit. No excuses.
  9. Exercising doesn't give you free license to eat whatever you want - you still need to balance calories in and calories out. A 30-minute run is not an excuse to eat a pint of ice cream.
  10. Eating while working is bad. Take the 15 minutes and have an uninterrupted lunch, and look at what you're eating, not shoveling in whatever the office assistant is ordering that day. You deserve to take the time to feed your body responsibly.
There. My rant for today is done. No offense meant, seriously. Just take a look at your life and your choices and Do Something. Just try.

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