Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Corduroy Jacket? Are you NUTS?

Apparently, I am. Totally, certifiably bonkers. I bought a corduroy blazer today during my lunchtime break. In my defense (don't I ALWAYS have a defense?!), it is generally hard (read: impossible) to find things that fit me right. Especially since most stores tend to sell out of the tiny sizes first. So, when my walk today brought me to Old Navy and its sweet sweet air conditioning, I couldn't help myself. They had 1 size XS, and I got it:

What else could I do? What choice did I have? Its so cute. Its so interesting. And I must say, blazers are kind of my thing. I wear them all the time and I love them. So, I did it. And I love it. No excuses. Especially since I knew that if I didn't get it at that moment, I would never see it in my size again.

On other topics, I haven't been knitting much this week or last. I've stalled on my second OSW, as I think its going to be too big and I don't have enough yarn to finish it with the modifications I want. I've been playing with a shopping cart at KnitPicks, so we'll see what that brings. Does anyone just love Shimmer or Elegance? I have shawls in mind for both of them. I think I should just get them and quit talking about it. I'd like to use the Elegance for this, but larger. I would make the center back length closer to 30" or so. I'm finally breaking down and buying Scarf Style, and would use the Shimmer for one of the shawls in there.

In sewing news, I'm ready to do more now that I have my time back. I'd like to cut the pieces for this dumb dress that I've been yammering on about and use the green fabric for one more skirt from the pattern I love so much. Then, I've got a big mental shopping list for corduroy for a-line skirts for fall and some new style tote bags. I better get cracking lest these ideas just stay in my head and rot!

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