Friday, September 02, 2005

Is This The Shoe Blog?

I bought a pair of shoes yesterday. It was torturous, really. Normally shoe-buying is my most favoritest thing to do, but I've been trying to be better about how I spend my cash (no more credit, thankyouverymuch) and thus felt an enormous amount of guilt. For these:

Now, ain't they purdy? I found the picture on, which listed them for $63.99. I paid $39.90, with no tax, at the fabu DSW in Union Square. Now that's a deal. And that's part of why I got them:
  1. Its tax-free week. Saving 8% is right up my alley. Fuck the man, you know?
  2. They can be worn to work with slacks or a nice skirt, and they are also sexy enough that I can wear them with jeans and a hot top for nights out.
  3. Uh, they are red patent leather. Isn't that reason enough?
  4. They are so affordable, even with cash. Just shy of forty bucks, can't beat it.
I'm really not sure why I wavered so much. I have a little money coming in right now and even though its earmarked, its still available to me. I just sold my old (new) bed, and I still have my last check from the store that I haven't deposited yet. Between the two, I could buy ten and a half pairs of these shoes. That's more than enough to cover the one pair, you know? I think its that I'm trying to be good. But I also don't like when I see something I love and don't get it out of guilt and then think about it forever and ever after. Does that happen to anyone else? I knew that if I didn't get these, I would be thinking about them every day I got dressed in the morning wondering how great the pretty pretty inexpensive shoes would look with such-and-such outfit. Sigh. Its so hard to be a girl who doesn't make that much money but has wildly exciting fashion tastes.

And, its almost my birthday. Each year I like to get myself a present. Last year it was my favorite bag from LeSportSac and this year, it shall be the shoes.

And so it is settled.

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