Sunday, September 04, 2005

Finally, Some Sewing

Yesterday I did some sewing. I found a tutorial for a lined, zippered pouch on Craftster, and it was so super fun to make. Here is my pouch:

You may recognize the material from my as-yet-unfinished dress. Its beautiful. I lined it with some leftover coordinating material from my first skirt:

Don't you love my spindly fingers? Here it is filled with lotsa stuff:

For the record, we have in there a few packets of Advil that I stole from the supply closet at work, two different kinds of eye drops, some dental floss, my face powder, my Benadryl cream for those pesky hives I keep getting, and four different lip glosses and/or balms, including the best lipgloss ever:

Maybe I should consider paring down to one or two. Interesting idea.

The pouch features a 7" zipper, so its not that big. But its so cute. I think I shall start to make them and give them to people who I know would love them. It was really so easy to make, aside from the pesky zipper application, but now that I know the pitfalls there, the next one should be much easier. Invisible zippers are WAY better than regular zips. So, I just need to get some zips and I'll be in business! I'd like to make a few for my mom and sis for when I see them in a week or two. Don't you likey?

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