Thursday, September 22, 2005

I'm still standing, yeah yeah yeah

I'm still here. Just boring.

I left town on Thursday the 15th and got back on Monday. The last few day's I've spent catching up on work, life, and the gym. Its amazing how even the most dedicated and well-meaning exerciser I am at home, I lose all sense of inclination to sweat while on the road. Mike and I brought running stuff with us to visit with his family, and not one of the days did we even think about putting on our sneaks. Well, maybe once I did, after eating two dinners one night, but it was a brief thought and I went to bed soon after. Then I felt lumpy and lazy, so I made up for it on Tuesday and yesterday.

Boxing. I took a boxing class at my gym. It kicked my arse, I tell you what. Try doing our opening number: jump rope for 2 minutes straight. Then take a 60-second break, and do it again. Then do it again. So, for those thought-challenged out there, that's a total of 6 minutes of jumping rope. Uh, its really hard. Really really hard. Even for someone like me that works out all the time and is in fairly good shape. I thought I was gonna fall down, and not because my feet kept getting tangle in the rope. For the record, jumping rope was a helluva lot easier when I was 9 than it is now.

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