Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Its Official. I'm 27.

Before I work up the energy to post about my fabu birthday party, I leave you with a photo of me and my sweetie at said party. Aw. Aren't we so cute?

The weekend highlights for now, just in case I never work up that energy:
  • Mike made a yummy carrot cake. He also took me for a delicious birthday dinner. Ah, Peruvian food. How do I love thee?
  • I arm wrestled, with pictures to prove it. But I did not win.
  • I fell out of a plastic chair and bruised my elbow. I'll live.
  • My nephew refused to sing me the birthday song, but he did repeat over and over, "Happy Birthday Muggie".
  • We saw a guy get attacked on the subway, including cops with guns drawn and all the accompanying drama.
I'm sure there's more but see, the energy thing is just getting in the way.

Happy Birthday to me.

1 comment:

miss kendra said...


i hate missing people's birthdays!

i am terrible.


happy birthday! happy birthday!happy birthday! happy birthday!happy birthday! happy birthday!happy birthday! happy birthday!

does that help?