Saturday, October 29, 2005

Tweedy Crafty Skirty

Yay! I made something today!

I pulled something in my neck a day or so ago, and therefore am taking off from the gym, but I was feeling pretty lazy today so I decided to make a skirt. I bought this amazing orange tweedy wool fabric from Mood a while ago and never did anything with it. I fully intended to make a skirt one day with it, and as the fates had it, today was the day. The pattern is my own, made during my patternmaking class at Make. Sorry for the non-linkage, but I'm using Mike's Mac, and Safari and Blogger don't play so well together. Any ideas for making this easier?

Full Skirt

There she is, resting on my bed. Isn't she a doll? She's got front and back darts, an invisible side zipper (I'm still perfecting the art of the top of the zipper, so any suggestions here are most welcome) and is a true A-line.

Waistband Facing

I did this awesome thing with the waistband that I'm super proud of. I took the idea from a dress I made from a different class at Make. I put bias tape on the right side of the skirt, and then turned it inward and secured it to the inside of the skirt to form a stable waist.

And now the portrait shots. Mike is out today so its me and the mirror. Um, both big mirrors chez moi are filthy, so I am sorry for the grime. The skirt is clean, I assure you. I even ironed it, and if you know anything about me, you know that is a huge deal.

Self-portrait 1

This is my glamour shot, designed to make it look like I actually have hips that are a different width from my waist.

Self-portrait 2

Hip hip hooray for my lovely skirt! I can't wait to wear her out!

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MeBeth said...

Awesome skirt! Do you have a sewing machine that you like? I'm thinking about getting one but am not sure what kind.

Also, the marathon goes right through Fort Greene - if you're cheering keep an eye out for me. I'll be wearing a white tank top with a big "B" painted on it and running verrrry slowly.