Friday, October 21, 2005

Chester Copperpot

I have spent the day so far searching for and applying to jobs. I have had enough. Seriously. Fuck this place, and fuck the boss. Crazy fucking bitch.

Yesterday, at a work function, my boss, the president of this esteemed organization, put her hands on my neck and shoulders and shook a little. Aggressively. And then laughed it off.

I was stunned, to say the least. I just looked at her, looked at a coworker who was standing with us, looked back to her, and walked away. What I should have done was walk out, never to return. Or, at least, said quite loudly, "Take your hands off me. That is inappropriate." And then walked out. But no. I just walked around the corner to another hallway and collected myself, and then rejoined the meeting. This all occurred because I asked her where she would like me to sit for the meeting. Because, yes, I have to ask permission from my boss about which seat to take during a meeting. Because yes, she is totally fucking off her rocker.

The really shitty part about this is that she has already fired all of the HR staff, so there isn't anyone I can talk to about it except for her. There aren't any other senior staff members that I can talk to either, because they run their own programs and have very little to do with the core work that the President's office runs and are therefore useless. I can grin and bear it, or I can walk away.

I am ready to walk away. This is just ridiculous.

And hence, Chester Copperpot. If only I had that treasure map and could pay for my rent and health insurance without this crazy animal of a boss riding down my neck. I think I'll start calling in sick every day until I find a new job. This is just ridiculous.


MeBeth said...

Oooh - run away!! That is very creepy.

And about cabling - I really like cable knitting (although so far I've only tackled very basic cabling). Its tricky enough to keep my attention, but I can usually see where the pattern is going enough to tell when I mess up. Definitely cant do it while watching engrossing tv

Colette said...

That is very frightening and creepy - I have had some crazy bosses before, but none of them ever touched me. I hope you find a new job quickly.

peaches said...

GIRL! Remember Cathy, who wanted me to wash her dishes and then later brought me to court?

These people belong in a hole.

Keep yourself collected. You need the money. But, look aggressively for something new.

I'm here for you!!