Monday, October 17, 2005

Work It Out

I'm too busy at work right now to hate my job. I guess that's some amount of relief, though it seems strange to me.

I had a great weekend. My Saturday class at the gym hurt so good, and I loved it. Yay for getting stronger! And on Sunday I had a great girl-day with my friend J. We saw In Her Shoes, which I thought was good (she thought it was slow) and then did a little shopping. I think J. is my shopping good-luck charm. I have a terrible time shopping, but whenever I'm with her, I always find way more than I can afford. Its a blessing and a curse, for sure.

Gotta get back to the grind... but maybe some photos of the scarf tomorrow. I'm about 7 diamonds in. So much for two a night - I knit two this weekend!

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