Friday, October 14, 2005


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Most of my life I went through much trauma from having a name nobody else had, or at the very least, nobody spelled it like I did. Sigh. No meme for me.

I called the cops last night. My neighborhood is sometimes the worst fucking ghetto you can imagine. Most of the time its great and I love it, but its often filled with people who flap their gums and argue in the street and blast their comforts into everyone else's personal space, usually after midnight. Like last night. I had fallen asleep. As in, I was already asleep. And what do I hear, that actually wakes me up? Music. LOUD MUSIC. From a car, parked in a spot, on the street outside my bedroom window. Now, normally the situation is some fucking asshole who double parks and talks to his friends while pumping shitty rap music at ninety million bazillion decibels. But this time, the dude was in. his. car. With the windows closed, because, you know, its raining. And his music Woke. Me. Up.

So, I turned my cell phone back on and called the 88th Precinct. The officer was very nice and said he'd send someone out to take a look. So, I turn my phone back off, get back into bed, seething, and lie there. Listening to this asshole's music. Mike had passed out long ago after a binge drinking session with a friend, so he barely stirred. And I was left, yet again, to stare at the fucking ceiling while everyone around me in the whole wide world sleeps. Is there no justice? Do I not work hard enough each day that I don't deserve to sleep? Do I have "wake me up every night" written on my forehead? Or rather, "just don't let me sleep, ever, so that I become the crankiest woman who ever lived"? Maybe that's more appropriate.

So, I, me, Megann with two n's, is the crankiest woman who ever lived. I have not slept a real night's sleep in about a week. And I hate everyone around me, I hate my job and now, I am just cranky enough that I even hate myself. So fuck you, world. And fuck you pillows. And fuck you, you filthy sonofabitch who woke me up last night. I hope you die a horrible painful death. Or at least get woken up yourself. Every night for the rest of your pathetic life.


Jess said...

I hope you feel better soon, Megann! I think that situation calls for a good nap!

MeBeth said...

Gargh - I wish I had perfected my invention. I used to lie awake listening to the porsche car alarm devising the perfect rotten egg/glass shard slingshot. It would be ideal for your situation.

peaches said...

Poor Eggies. Maybe you need a nightcap before sleep too? ; ) A little Jack Daniels? If Ralph was with you, he'd cover your ears with 2 of his tentacles, and then rub your tummy with the other six until you fell fast asleep....

Megann said...

So I just found your online journal by googling "Megann needs." You see my name is Megann too. So don't get so down, 2 Ns are better then 1. Have a beautiful day!