Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Its Officially Colder

I am wearing boots today. This is a big deal. Not just closed-toe shoes, but actual boots, that zip up the side. Serious non-summer shoes. I always find it hard to make the transition. I love going almost barefoot when I can, and I just love wearing flip flops and sandals. Which is strange when you think about it because I always have cold feet, no matter what I'm wearing. One would think that with constant cold feet, I'd be a little wary of bare shoes. But no.

I love these boots, too. I just brought them to the cobbler last week to get them re-heeled in time for the new season, and I'm glad. I just love them. If I would only remember to use my darned camera, I could take a photo of them and share with the group. They are lovely, truly.

No knitting progress last night, as the love-of-my-life and I took it easy on the couch, with some much-needed snuggling tossed in for good measure. Gosh is he cute. And a good snuggler. This morning I had my annual visit to the gyno, and all is well. Whew. Not that I thought it wouldn't be, but I always like hearing that I am healthy. Its nice. Since I can't really take a lunch break today, as I only got into the office at noon, I will be going to Purl after work to pick out my Noro for the Edgar scarf in this issue of Knitty. I'm thinking Silk Garden, as I have never worked with it before, and the hat I made out of Kureyon was a little too scratchy for my taste. I hope that the silk content will smooth out the fiber and scratchiness. And, to my credit, I even checked for needles this morning so that I know I can start the project immediately. It turns out that I have to sets of size 8s, one a 16" circ that I'm currently using for the unfinished legwarmers, and the other 8s are long circs (32"?) that I"m using for the blankie shawl. Since I like to knit scarves on straights, I'll treat myself to a short pair of straight 8s.

And since I'm now dreaming of warmth (the A/C is still on in my dumb office - can these jerks get anything right at all ever?), I leave you with an older photo, from our LA trip this summer.

Ah, sunshine with my sweetie.


MeBeth said...

I agree, I'm either a flip flops or boots kind of gal, there is no in between for me!

Carrieoke said...

Dude. Silk Garden is definitely softer. And so pretty.

I love that pic of you guys!