Friday, October 28, 2005

Sexy Hair

Yesterday I got the sexiest haircut ever. I went to a new salon, reco'd by my friend Julie, and this gal was just amazing. First of all, she was supercute. I love when hair girls are supercute, as it makes me feel like I, by mere proximity, can become supercute too. Secondly, she was attentive and did exactly what I wanted. I even asked her what she would do if I gave her carte blanche, and she said she would do the same thing, as she wants to grow out some of my layers and give me length overall. Just what I wanted, by the way.

Sexy New Haircut

You may never see it straight like this ever again. I haven't had it straight in a number of years. Three, probably. Last night, Mike walked right by me at the bar. He didn't even recognize me! How cool is that. Mind you, this photo is after a night of boozing, and sleeping on it. And you can't tell (I hope) but I'm still just in my bra. No shirt yet for me! But what's the deal with my nose? Its looking rather bumpy and icky in this pic, but the hair looks fabu, so I'll let it slide.

Gotta run for a lunch date. But enjoy the hair! And pray for a return to knitting content soon!


MeBeth said...

Great hair! I got mine cut yesterday too and I so wish it could always have that nice shiny look. Now its back to its curly ways.

Colette said...

Great haircut - I am getting mine cut tmrw.

thanks for the compliment on the green stole. The pattern is from Knitters Best of Scarves and shawls. It doesn't look like much in the book, but I saw a finished one on someone's blog and loved it. It is a really easy pattern to work and a quick knit. The one in the book has fringe, but I am just not a fringe kinda girl.

Is the salon in Brooklyn?