Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I Will Be A Better Blogger, and I Will Stop Eating Candy Corn Before 10 AM

I joined a blog ring today. Jess suggested a NYC knitters ring and I decided, hey, why not. I would like to meet knitters, as none of my friends do it, and it would be fun to knit with others. And, I would like to be a better blogger - I see this is a big push to blog more regularly. And if I'm knitting more regularly, then I will have more to blog about.

Updates (the list is rather depressing, as nothing is finished):
  • Baby blanket - still where I left it, though I have a December deadline for the delivery
  • Blankie Shawl - into third skein, and will assess how much more I want to do after that is finished
  • Legwarmers - these are from last winter, and I think I'm going to rip them out and use the yarn for something else. I'm just not into them anymore, though I still think they'd be useful as I have big plans for making winter skirts
  • Dress - still not finished, though I know it is ready to go
I still want to make a sweater and I'm thinking long and hard about what I want to do. I recently frogged an in-the-round poncho that I never wore and now have 13 balls of Sunshine. I think they would work into something very nice...

I'm still having the same retarded issues with my retarded job. Except now, my one treasured colleague, who regularly takes a bigger and meaner beating than I, told me that she is leaving. Well, she's looking to leave. She can't stand it any more, which I agree with. I don't know how she does it. And she has amazing connections and has already been putting her good networking skills to use. I give her another week before she finds her dream position. But, once she's gone, there is no buffer between me and the big bad evil gross nasty manipulative abusive Prezzy. I may as well hand in my resignation when she does. Things will only get worse for me.

But where do I go? What do I do? Do I stay in the nonprofit world and hate the next job I take? Or do I try and make a real effort to try something different, something in the private sector? I am just so stumped here. So stumped. Anyone know a career counselor?

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