Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Sigh. Progress.

The spell, she is broken. I am using my fabu camera and taking pictures of lovely things that I am creating with my hands.

This is the scarf, and I love her already. I wound up getting some Koigu Kersti for her, as Purl no longer carries Noro yarns. Say wha'? I fell in love with some Alchemy with the same silk content as Silk Garden but it was about $18 per skein and I was so not down with that. So, Kersti it was. And I am pretty darned happy with it. The colors are beautiful. I think they photo'd pretty well, with the beautiful purples and browns and such. And the pattern is so much fun to knit! The two diamonds took no time at all, and its very easy to follow. According to the pattern, 18 repeats make an extra long scarf (and we all know how I love love love extra long scarves). With 16 left, I figure a minimum of two a night would take me 8 days, right? With the weekend coming up I could definitely finish it this weekend. Yay for new scarves!

On to the next. This is the baby blanket from SNB, the first book, for Mike's soon-to-be nephew.

I am at the point where I will reverse the knit and purl panels for the second half of the blanket. I just haven't done it yet.

And this, my dear readers, is the famous blankie-shawl. She is knit in Knit Picks Elegance, and she is so freaking soft I just want to eat her. Or at least fondle her all the time.

As you can tell, she is too big to spread out over the needles, so you are seeing the center spine of the shawl. At the bottom is the neck side. The pattern calls for 17 inches, but I think I'm going to go longer so that it covers more. I'm in the 3rd skein of yarn and I bought 7, so I may have a ways to go on this one. It gets boring, as its all knit in garter stitch. But its so soft that I can overlook its.

On a professional note, I am thisclose to being ready to submit my MPA application. Just a few more tweaks on my essay and its good to go. I found out that rolling admissions are a good thing, even though they are spaced out over several meetings. So, they say about 5 weeks from submissions is a good time to hear. If I get it in this week (which I def. will) then I should hear before Thanksgiving. Which is good.

And I'm done.

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MeBeth said...

No more Noro at Purl?? I was wondering why they had a bunch in the sale bin last time I was there. (And I'm wondering what I was thinking not buying it when it was 50% off!)