Thursday, November 03, 2005

Scarfy Goodness

I finished the scarf a few days ago but haven't had the chance to post the photos. I don't have a modeled shot, but perhaps soon I can wear my new scarf with my new winter coat. I actually love the way the scarf looks on, as the points of the diamonds look really nice around my neck, its such an interesting detail.

Scarf, splayed

And then because I'm feeling cheesy...

M scarf for Megann

It looks like I'll have a lot more time on my hands for the next two weeks. I'm thinking about my next project, even though I still have the blankie shawl on the needles and the baby blanket that I need to finish up by December. But I'd like to make another scarf, because I love them, or try to make my first sweater. Maybe today when I'm feeling less hung over I'll go to a yarn shop. But, that means money, which I should try to conserve, no? We'll see. Maybe its time for some tough love. Maybe I should just finish the pieces I have started before moving on to something new.

How do you decide what to work on?


MeBeth said...

That is a very cool scarfy! I wish I were more disciplined regarding my choice of what to work on, but I just bounce around wherever my mood takes me. Its supposed to be fun, after all!

Carrieoke said...

dude. the skirt rocks, and the scarf does too. and WHAT IS UP WITH YOUR INSANE BOSS??!?!