Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Lotsa Food

Last night, Mike and I went on a company-sponsored date. It was awesome. He's on the comittee for his firm's holiday party, and was thus conducting a tasting. Yay for having a boyfriend who is doing a food tasting! As the committee broke up to try different places, I went with him. We went to this place called HK, for Hell's Kitchen, on 9th Ave at 39th Street. It was pretty darned good, if anyone is interested in trying a new spot.

Since they wanted to get a sense of the whole menu, we got to try a lot of dishes. There was SO much food. I can't even describe how much food we had. I've never eaten a meal that big. We got a regular salad, muscles, sesame tuna, crab cakes, steak frites au poivre (yum yum yum), grilled salmon, and an apple torte dessert. Geez. That's four appetizers and two entrees, plus desert. For two people. And they did not skimp on the portions. All of it, save for the tuna, was delish. Toss in the cocktails, and it was a blast. And, it was paid for by his firm! Totally free date!

On another note, I'm lame. Or rather, I'm feeling lame. This neck thing is getting me down, though today it is MUCH better than yesterday. Thanks for the tips! The job thing is also getting me down. I really need some resolution here. Its driving me bonkers. I think today I'm going to call the org's lawyerlady (as I lovingly call her) to ask about an update and any reassessment on the timing for resolution. Even though I have other things going on, it is so hard not to feel like my whole life is on hold. I just want this to be over so that I can move on. Seriously. I've put up with enough of my boss's crap in the past year and a half to have to deal with this on top of everything.

But, on Monday in therapy I made a vow to not waste this time. I want to do things during the day that I'm not otherwise able to do. Things on my list are: Go to School Products (never been, can you believe it?!). Pick a new museum exhibit to see. Go to a movie matinee (I LOVE going to movies by myself). Sew Sew Sew. Knit Knit Knit. Going to School Products will probably help that, right? I need more yarn. I have Ideas and I'd like to act on them. If anyone out there has any daytime fun suggestions, now is the time to share them!


MeBeth said...

Congratulations on your masters program, and I am SO jealous about your food tasting!!

I agree, I always find it difficult to take advantage of down time. My favorite trick is just to bring some knitting and a magazine to a coffee shop and resolve to sit there for an hour. Sitting still for a while outside of my apartment usually helps me come up with all sorts of activities and little goals to accomplish.

Carrieoke said...

Congrats on the masters program!!

That sounds like the BEST FREE DATE EVER.

laura said...

Congratulations on the masters program. I'm sorry to hear about your work situation. I hope you can put it behind you soon.
As for stuff to do in the city; if you have never been to Fort Tryon Park it is definitely worth spending an afternoon there. The park is home to the Cloisters Museum; a branch of the Met devoted to the art and architecture of medieval Europe. It is an incredible place, so tranquil.
Also the views from the park are amazing; when the museum was established John D. Rockefeller bought the land on the other side of the river (Palisades State Park) to preserve the view.
The New Leaf Cafe (also in the park) is a nice place for lunch too.
You could also hire a bike and ride the Manhattan waterfront greenway, more great views.
Also the Brooklyn Museum has a great collection of Islamic art. The Persian carpets are very beautiful, and since they are patterned and made of wool, they are sort of similar to knitting. Kind of.