Friday, July 22, 2005

Second Day Hair

I'm having a problem, and as I'm the only curly-head of my friends, I'm not sure who to turn to. Here's the deal. I have curly hair (see any photo on this lame-o blog) and I also have thin hair. My curls a big and ringlet-y, and sometimes fall out by the second day. And that's the big problem, since I only wash my hair every other day, so at least 3 days of the week, I am wearing day-old hair. Usually I just pull it back, but since the bad haircut, I can't do that without having the tiniest ponytail and tufts of fuzzy badness sticking out the top. While sleeping with the air conditioner, I've noticed that second day hair is better than normal, so I've started wearing it down. But, it needs something. A little ooomph. A little je ne sais quoi. I just don't know where to turn!

I would like something that I can spray onto my dry hair to give the curls a little bit more life and bring some shape back to the top/roots. I don't want a wax or anything that's hand-applied like that as it will only pull more curl out upon application. It needs to be something that can get on there that I can then smoosh around using my regular curl-with-gel-and-diffuser moves on hair washing days.

I've taken some time this afternoon to do some research and came up with one possibility - Catwalk Curls Rock Curl Booster. But who knows? Its $15 a bottle, which I think is a big investment in something I have no way of knowing will work (yes, I'm poor enough to translate $15 into 3 lunches or 5 Tasti-D-Lites). And yes, I am researching hair products while at work, but hey - its a summer Friday. Back off.

I don't know who even reads this thing anymore (or ever, for that matter) but if anyone has any suggestions about day-old curls, drop me a line and I'll give a big shout-out. In fact, there may even be a prize for someone who suggests something that works...

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Jessica said...

I know that amalah has posted about some good wavy/ curly hair products in the recent past.

I have a quick lunch hour or I'd look it up for you but you should be able to find some tips on her wednesday smackdown entries...

Good luck!!