Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Every time I type in the URL for Blogger, I always start writing "booger" before I catch myself and correct it to Blogger. So, this is my boog, or um, blog. Right-o.

I'm having a shoe dilemma. I have a lot of shoes. And I always want more. I'm good about buying them - I shop sales and Filene's Basement and other savvy resources, you know? But its still buying a lot of shoes, so even if they are less expensive shoes than they could be, they are still sucking money. The BBFE likes to joke (or not really joke if you ask him) that I need a new room for my shoes. In my defense, I wear almost all of them, depending on the season and how aggressive I am about heel repair (note to self - fix those dumb shoes already!).

I see so many sales these days and I am in love with these two pairs of shoes from Bandolino. I initially looked at their site because I got a pair of that brand from the aforementioned Filene's Basement, and they are so cute and sassy and SO COMFORTABLE. So these and these are going to fulfill my every shoe fantasy, right? Probably not. It just so happens that they are a ridiculously good price for shoes of that quality and comfort, if you ask me. Will buying these prevent me from buying new shoes in the fall? Probably not. Will it make me happy to have them? Sure. But is it dumb to buy them now knowing that its too freaking hot to wear them until at least one month from now, at the earliest?

Perhaps I should consider paying off my vacation before I consider buying two new pairs of shoes. But they are super cute, aren't they?

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carrie said...

those shoes are totally super cute. i tend to buy cutesy shoes then revert to flip-flops or semi-orthopedic shoes anyway. totally hopeless.

i just found your blog, and i think it's quite great. my boyfriend and i went to l.a. a few months back as well, but i didn't like the In N Out burger sauce -- there is some relish in there, and i can't tolerate that! and BBFE is quite the cutie!