Monday, July 18, 2005

Ah, life

I puked this morning. Three times. I hate puking. A lot.

I don't quite feel human. I have a sinus headache the size of North America. I'm pretty sure its unrelated to the puking, but it only makes things worse. Like puking. Have you tried it when your head is already killing you? True, it distracts from the extreme stomach cramping but what kind of bargain is that? I prefer better odds, personally.

I think its from my Pill. Last night was the first night of the new cycle, and sometimes I get queasy the next morning. But its never ever ever been like this. Only one other time did I actually dry heave, and it ended when I got some food in my belly. Today was a whole new world. One I don't wish to play in. But what's a girl to do? Stay home from work, that's right!

Alas, no rest for the weary. The upstairs assholes are playing basketball in the house, again. And the downstairs assholes are blaring bass so loud that I can feel it vibrating in my head and limbs when I rest my poor tired body on the couch. Stomping on the floor doesn't seem to help much... neither does poking at the ceiling with a broom. My only solace is that in one more hour, I'd due for more Sudafed.

I acutally have some interesting things I'm thinking about and would love to discuss here, but not today. Perhaps tomorrow, when I anticipate being more alive...

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peaches said...

Oh, baby!! Sounds like you are in hell. Hang in there! I recommend putting a cold wash cloth on your forehead and eyes and make sure your room is nice and cool and all the lights are off.....

Sorry I couldn't talk Saturday. Oy! The influx of visitors!

I have some funny stories for you when we talk -- hopefully soon...

How are you doing besides the headache, gorgeous?

Those pics are great, btw. Send me some, okay?