Monday, July 25, 2005

Totes and Totes

This weekend I was so crafty. On Thursday I went to my cheap-o fabric store downtown and got some stuff for my sister's tote bag birthday present, as well as some great stretch cotton for a sundress pattern I got a while ago. Then, on Friday night I came home and made the tote. I didn't take pictures of the work-in-progress, but I do have some of my mother holding it up during the party, after my sister opened the gift.

But right now it seems like Flickr is being difficult, so I may not be able to post any photos just now. Trust me when I say it looks really cute. There is a contrast lining and I added a vintage shank button and a loop clasp, something I had never done before.

I forgot how easy it is to make those bags. Perhaps I'll start doing more of them, as they are so much fun! And, aside from the button (which I attached twice) it only took one hour. Yay for quick craftyness!

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