Thursday, July 21, 2005

You Can't Eat Yogurt With A Fork

I have been meaning to write so many things here, but work has been so crazy on a big deadline and the nights are just too hot to move, much less think.

My love for NYC definitely wanes in the summertime. You sweat your face off while waiting for the subway, only to be sandwiched between a fat smelly dude and a nearly naked lady whose damp hair keeps brushing against your arm once you finally catch your train. It just makes you want to stay home, until you remember that your apartment is actually an oven, even with the 3 fans you have pointed at your head at all times and the fact that you haven't worn anything more than underwear around the house in a week.

Last night I was actually inspired to do some designing and it just hurt too much to think. I do have some great ideas, though. If only it were cool enough to sit in front of the sewing machine! I suppose listing the things here couldn't hurt:
  • Deep scoop back tank top in the teal sweatshirt material (almost ready to go - I just have to modify one pattern and see how it works out)
  • Halter top in goodness knows what (probably a geometric print, if I can find one that I like), but design is schemed out, sort of
  • Some sort of skirt for the pink bubble/dot fabric that I love so much
Ok, so maybe it seemed like more last night. But it was more thinking than I had done at home in some time. Oh how I can't wait until the store closes and I have my weekends back! Joy! Just one more Sunday and one more full weekend and I'm so outta there. Freedom, here I come. I just hope the heat lets up so that I don't wind up wishing I was in the air conditioned store!

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