Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Almost Lazy Morning, Definitely Lazy Eye

I'm at home this morning, as I wait until it is time to leave for my eye doctor appointment. There's always something wrong with me, you see? Its my left eye this time, the one I don't usually use. But I would still like to keep it. There's something, um, protruding from my eye. Its pretty inflamed and swollen, but in the great words of my great doctor, if it isn't oozing, you're probably in good shape.

In honor of my non-oozing eye, I'd like to present the first photos of my next project. Not the dress, though I did cut the pattern pieces for that two nights ago (just the pattern itself, not the fabric). Its a baby blanket for BBFE's sister, who is due in February. I'm using the pattern from the first Stitch N Bitch book. Its pretty repetitive but I'm finding it quite soothing and definitely engaging. I always loved seed stitch from the moment I learned to knit, and I like that its used as a border. I find myself excited about the switch of stockinette panels, though I am not there yet. Its good for working on in the store, as there's not much focusing you have to do on it and its easily picked up and put down.

I'm using the Lorna's Laces Shephard Sport that I initially got for a shawl. I knit up a few inches of the shawl with it and it was all wrong. That weekend we learned of the baby, and voila. I am still so in love with the colors. I hope they show up here well - its the Glenwood.

Blanket, far:

Blanket, corner:

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