Friday, July 29, 2005


This weekend is my last at the store. I am so glad for this, really. Its been a good run there. I learned that I am fairly good at sales, that I like helping people find things that look good on them, and that isolation in an 8 foot square for 14 hours over two days really helps the knitting along. I liked the introduction of Saturday night date-night with my honey. And, the adventure has paid for my other adventure, my great big fabulous amazing vacation.

But I sure am glad to be having my weeknds back. I miss lazy Saturday mornings with Mike, lounging on the couch watching old movies until one of us gets hungry for pancakes, which we then make. I miss lazy Saturday afternoons with Mike, lounging on the couch watching old movies until one of us gets hungry for lunch, which we then make. I miss going out on Friday and Saturday nights without the fear of I-Have-To-Go-To-Work-Tomorrow. I miss being able to see my family, especially my amazing nephew, who I can only see on weekends due to travel time. I miss just having plain old time to relax, to sit still in my own home and be present in my own life, rather than worrying about the rich girl who can't decide if she wants to buy the $98 halter top or the $108 tube top to go with the $128 skirt. There. That outfit costs more than I'll make in the weekend. I'm so done with that!

Dear Scrambled Eggs,
Please do not waste your time now that you have it back. On your weekends, please:
  • Make the dress. The pattern is cut, so just cut the fabric and sew it up. You'll be glad you did.
  • Make the blue top. You've been wanting it for so long. Use that amazing idea you had about the button loop closure for the low scoop back. It'll look so rad.
  • Make the One Skein Wonder, you've been aching to start it. Just do it, already. The yarn is perfect and you'll totally wear that shrug a million times a week. At least.
  • Keep taking pictures for the blog. People really like the pictures, and its nice to see results. On that note, finish some things, ok?
  • Enjoy life.
Your conscience

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