Friday, May 06, 2005

The Wrong Foot

Well, after all that discussion yesterday about the Invisible Zipper, I braved the fabric store below Canal Street again after work yesterday, and purchased a "universal" invisible zipper foot. Um, not so universal. Unless I am missing some HUGE thing (which I must say, I doubt). I'm a little let down, actually, as I got some great fabric to make an A-line skirt, with decorative trimming, and, say it with me, a side zipper. Which I can't actually use if I have no zipper foot. Today, I'm going to call around to some manufacturers/dealers in Bernina machines to see what I can do about getting a Bernina foot. Wish me luck!

I called in sick today. I'm pretty sure I'm well, so don't tell anyone. I really just needed to sleep, and catch up on some relaxing. I've had a pretty rough time emotionally this week, and I couldn't stand the thought of sitting at my desk another day. My plan for today is to meet my sweetie for lunch uptown, go to Bloomingdales and look for expensive jeans that actually fit me and some summer shoes, and then maybe some more relaxing. I'm about 2-3 inches away from finishing my Cleaves and I hope to finish that today, too. Perhaps even cut out my skirt pieces as I wait and see about the zipper foot.

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