Thursday, May 05, 2005


I had my first of three dressmaking classes last night. Amazing. We cut our pattern pieces and learned how to insert an invisible zipper. This will open up a whole new world for me (groan). Now I can go ahead and make my skirt from the pattern class and start mucking around with other ideas.

I do have one complaint, however. The class was held in their alternate studio space, and it sucked. It wasn't just bad, it was terrible. The tables were awful (the tables they had), the space was FREEZING and the machines were set up on these rickety folding tables that I thought for sure would just tumble over once the motors started going. Oh, and its in the basement, which means no natural light and an awful buzzing unnatural overhead. Wow, you'd think I'm such a princess the way I'm yammering on. But I consider this to be an investment in my creativity and in my skils, and it was a difficult decision to pony up the cash for this second class with them. And it was a lot of cash for me. So, I expect the same sort of investment in return. Another thing that bugged me was that we all had to cut our pieces from one pattern. She said that at the end of class we could copy the pattern, which I full intend to do. I would like to begin making these things, and if I like the dress, I'd like to experiment with other colors and textures with the pattern. I guess I should just wait and see.

I met up with M. after the class, which was nice. I feel like we haven't really seen each other lately, even though we live together. Strange. But he feels it too. We'll make an extra effort to do something special this weekend. But, it worries me that I'll be working part time on the weekends pretty soon. What if its too hard on our relationship? I guess that's something to consider.

No word yet (still) from Hunter. I have decided to boycott my mailbox.

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