Wednesday, May 25, 2005

So I Don't Forget

I make a lot of lists. Many of them I lose and then wonder where they are, so that I can refer to the oh-so-important material they contain. Many of these lists are books I'd like to read. I figure, why not sport them here, as well? At least there'll be a record of them!

  1. Michael Cunningham. He has a new novel out that is getting great reviews, Specimen Days.
  2. Mary Gordon. I read Spending and it blew me away. I would like to read more.
  3. Some books my therapist recommends, which I can never remember. May this item serve to remind me about asking her again.
  4. Sue Monk Kidd's new book.
  5. My regular interest in memoirs of anorexia and mental illness.
  6. The last of the Joyce Carol Oates novels I haven't read yet.

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