Tuesday, May 03, 2005

I Do?

I had an amazing weekend. I know its Tuesday, which is a little late for a weekend post, but hey, I'm new to the blog thing and can't be held responsible. So there.

M. and I went to Princeton for my friend's wedding. It was beautiful, she was beautiful, the whole thing was just so nice. It really made me think about the things that I want in my life. Like M. for instance. Being in that setting with him was just amazing. We held hands and nuzzled and slow danced and even discussed what we would do in that situation. Yes, in that situation meaning what we would do at our own wedding. Um, pretty darned cool, right? We' have been through such a rough time, but its great to see that we can both come out of it better, stronger, sweeter, and more in love than ever. Aw, I'm even making myself slightly queasy here.

And on to the next: Hunter. What the feck, Hunter? Why are you such a cold and unfeeling asshole? Its not like I have anything else to do but wait for your sorry ass to tell me whether I can plan my future or not. So thanks. Thanks for continuing to push back your acceptance schedule. Thanks for ruining my chances of getting more financial aid from other institutions. Thanks for making my nights sleepless, my mailman hate me, and my panic attacks reccur. If you weren't the only graduate program I could afford, I'd say, "Smell ya later, dick!" But alas. I must continue to wait. And wait. And wait. Pretty soon it'll be August and I'll still be stuck in this shitty job and waiting to hear from good old Hunter. I'll be old and grey and still waiting to hear from Hunter. I'll be dead and my ashes will be spread goodness knows where and I'll still be waiting to hear from Hunter. Anyone notice anything wrong with this picture? Anything at all?

Oh, one more thing. I'm making this. I have about 3 or 4 more inches to go on the collar and then its finished. Mine is in a dusty pink color (of course). Aside from my poncho, this will be my first knitted non-scarf/hat combo. And the only thing I have made with sleeves, which weren't so terrible after all. This is pretty exciting. I would like to finish it this week so that I can start (showing it off) wearing it. Work appropriate? Why not!

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