Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The Morning After

My body has not yet caught on to the fact that I am awake and at work. One word: Boggle.

Last night was Boggle night, the first of many (hopefully). K, A and I met at a bar in Park Slope and tossed back a few while playing round after round after round of Boggle. Now, I'm totally a Boggle champion. But last night, the alcohol must have dulled my capacity to combine letters into words, as I was lagging behind K. But, in my defense, only by a few points. Perhaps next time I shall have a dinner more substantial than a PBJ sandwich before ingesting 3 drinks. You may think that three drinks isn't so many, but when you're 5'3" and just a hair over 100 pounds, 3 drinks is quite a lot. At least I recall everything that took place!

Tonight I start my new sewing class: Summer Sundress. I am SO excited. Its taught by the same instructor as my patternmaking class, and she is just fantastic. I love the dress pattern we'll be using and I'll finally get a hands-on experience with inserting invisible zippers. Now this is what I'm talking about. Screw my job with my crazy (literally) boss and shitty salary. Screw Hunter and their utter lack of information. Screw NYU and their ridiculous tuition for an MSW. Give me a sewing machine and some pins, with a good pair of scissors, and I'm in heaven. Oh, and carte blanche at Mood or one of the other foncy-ponts fabric stores. Hooray for creativity!

I'm going to work on stealing my bf's camera and get some pictures going here. Wouldn't that be fun?

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