Wednesday, July 19, 2006


I feel like I must clarify my post from yesterday. Not defend, just clarify. Especially since Blogger has the no-reply-comments-thingy.

I know that looking at rings means that we're getting closer. But the looking has been dragging on for months. Months. With zero movement. How do I know its zero movement? We are inheriting a family gem for the ring (oh so luckylucky!), and I am positive that the trade-off has not been made. No diamond = no ring = no engagement, though I have said time and again that I don't need a stinking diamond to get engaged. Just ask me! Plus, I happen to know that my true love is a procrastinator of the finest form. Procrastination + no diamond = no ring = no engagement. Oh, that and the fact that we've been together for almost 5 years. Almost five years + procrastination + no diamond = no ring = no engagement. Something is seriously wrong with that equation, no?

I think because I know its coming, it makes it harder to see how far away we really are. I just feel like he's never going to get around to it for one reason or another. And believe me, I know for sure that its my own psycho-emotional business that's gotten me into this thought pattern in the first place, but I find it hard to break that thought habit. I think there's only one way to break it, and I just don't trust anything enough to hold my breath waiting for it. And I can think of lots of reasons why he shouldn't do it, which is even worse. For starters, my dad-business. I don't think I actually want a wedding without my dad there, and unless I find a retroactive cure for cancer, that ain't happening. I think he may also on some level be punishing me for our short breakup. I dunno. This is what happens when I spend too much time peeking into my own brain. Must remember to stop doing that.

Moving on.

A-line dress

I'm making this. I got some loverly fabric from Mood, a cotton sateen with a branch print in two shades of cool blue. So appropriate and so awesome. I cut the pieces the weekend before last, but its been way too hot to sit at my kitchen table to begin sewing. I may try doing some basting in the A/C just to get things started. Basting should be good to help with the expert finishing I'm looking for on this dress.

I also got this:

And this:

And this:

Don't you just love the scalloped hem on this:

And finally, this, which is not vintage but just a few years old. I'm all about the pencil skirt right now, and they are so freaking easy to make and require under one yard of material, so they are economical as well, especially when you get the pattern for under $5.

I've been doing a little bit of online shopping. For vintage patterns, which I believe is my new obsession. So sorry that some of the photos aren't the bestest - the light wasn't great last night when I was inspired to finally take these pictures.

I got the first dress pattern from ebay, and the others from Lanetzliving

Still no progress on the purple Green Gable, which I haven't even photo'd yet. But the night before last I started on my first short row heel on the toe-up trekking sock from ages ago. I think I'm doing the wraps TOTALLY WRONG but its fun to see the heel take shape so I'm not stopping yet. I can always rip it out, right? And though I thought that toe-up was the one for me, I liked seeing the sock take shape better from cuff-down. Huh. You can't please everyone, not even yourself!


Veronique said...

I agree with Becky: can you initiate a conversation and tell you boyfriend what you are going through right now? I mean, he can't read your mind, right? Maybe your procrastinator needs a little reminder!

(Also, both Becky and I have our emails displayed on our blogs, in case you want to reply).

Jessica said...

It really does sound like he has good intentions. Sometimes guys get really obsessed with the idea that it has to be a big SURPRISE! when you don't really care if they ask you on the subway in the morning, as long as they just ask! Silly, silly boyfriends.

Buffy said...

I'd love to be able to do this...('make clothes').....maybe one day.....