Friday, February 02, 2007


I had to do it. I just had to. The prices were too good, and I sleuthed a promotion code from the interweb, which made them all that much cheaper.

I present to you two of my new three pairs of shoes. Yes, I bought three pairs of shoes, online, all at once. I suppose I was detoxing from "No Frivolous Spending January."

This pair wound up costing $15.99. Original price was $89.99, on I love that store! Great comfort and super good styling, especially as of late. I'm headed to a wedding in March, and I figure that these are excellent dress up shoes for a less than formal affair (beach wedding, Florida, etc.) and that they'll be a good addition to my regular rotation of spiky heels.
And this pair I got for $39.99, original price of $79.99. Hooray! So cute. I love red shoes. How adorable with a pair of skinny jeans? Or a denim skirt?
The best part is that I ordered them two days ago and they arrived today. The third pair is probably on its way, but seriously. Who cares when I have these two to keep me happy!

I guess I missed blogging, being that this post makes it twice in one week when I've blogged twice in the last three months. Ok. I'm back on it.

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Lizy said...

Great shoes yaar...I love the high heels very much..very nice looking..perfect colour.