Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Who Does This?

So, this is my week off inbetween jobs. I left my last job on Friday afternoon, and it was so sad and exciting all at once. And now, with this week off, I get to make a true transition. But it makes me wonder - who is out there during the day time? Yesterday I went to the dentist, did a little shopping, got some fake ice cream, and there were all sorts of people around my age just hanging out. Who are you, people of the daytime? They can't all be bartenders, right?

On the way home from the gym this morning, I saw a couple my age walking there dog. In Brooklyn, at around 10:15ish. Just hanging out with their dog and their coffee. On a Tuesday morning. No work? Really?

Walking to Park Slope yesterday to get my Tasti DiLite was the same thing - lots of youngish adults just hanging out. I want their job, I tell you that much!

Today is my special day. I'm going to see my therapist and then I'm getting my hair done. I always feel like an old lady when I say that, but I love it. I love getting my hair done. I'm revamping the color, and I'm totally overdue for a little trim. I think I'm going to keep the layers long this time and really try to grow it out. The color will be a va-va-voom red of the likes you've never seen. I hope. I'm excited!

Of course, as soon as I get over this bout of laziness, pictures of the new hair to follow.


Jessica said...

There ARE a lot of people out during the day, aren't there? I work from home and walk my dog every day around noon, so I see them all hanging out at Tillie's or Olea and think, "Who are you people?" Perhaps they're students? Or professors, they never work either....

Veronique said...

I have some friends who freelance and they always seem to be hanging out during weekday afternoons. They'll casually mention movies that they've seen etc. But then, when they have a deadline for monday 9am, they work non-stop, to the wee hours, all through the weekend. Then, their life is hectic, way more hectic than I'd want mine to be!

Melissa said...

Hmm in Park Slope, possibly trust fund babies?

Job, freelance or trust, I'll totally take some of what their having!