Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Channeling Pippi Longstocking

I love my hair. Love it. Of course, there was drama. This is me, remember ?

For several years, I had been seeing a gal over at Salon Bohemia in Park Slope. She was great - she gave my a wonderfully inspired hair cut my first time out with her that was a big change from my regular cut, and I just loved it. But it seemed that everything afterwards just went downhill from there, though I kept going in the hopes that we could recreate that first sense of magic. The things I hated about her included: a) She was always late. Not just a few minutes late, but often a FULL HOUR late. That is just unacceptable, especially when I caught on and started calling before showing up to see if she was on time and she lied to me every time, saying, yes, sure, come on in its all fine, and I'd STILL have to wait an hour to get my hair done. b) She fucked up a few times. I used to get it cut much shorter than it is now, with lots of rock n' roll style layers. But she would always do it uneven, as in, the left side of my head would have much longer pieces than on the right side of my head. As in, depending on how you looked at me, I had two different haircuts going on at the same time. Not cool, especially for someone as self-conscious as I can be at times. After the 3rd time of going back for her to "fix" it, I decided enough was enough. c) She never quite paid attention. She was always talking to someone else while working on me. Part of the experience of getting your hair done, I think, is the relationshp you have with your girl (or guy). She just wasn't interested in me except for a tip. Eh. I was so done with her.

Which brings me to this wonderfulness. Almost.

My friend Julie recommended her girl, whom she loves. So I started seeing the new girl and I loved her too. But she was a bit awkward with me, and it was not uncomfortable but it wasn't as personal as I would have liked. But she did a great cut and decent color, so it worked. So, I've been seeing the new girl for over a year now. But when it was time to do my roots again, and I called to get an appointment with her, I learned that she broke her knee. Yes, you read that right, she broke her knee. Aparently she was doing some sort of athletic move while playing around in the park and shattered her patella. Ouchies. She won't be back for a while but I still had roots and didn't want to show up at a new job without new hair, you know what I mean? So there's an even newer girl at the same salon and it was love at first sight.

I lurve her. And she made me pretty. Not that you can tell here, but I couldn't wait to show just how amazing the color is. It'll tone down after a few washings, as reds do, but its perfect. She gave me a great cut, and a great blow out, but unfortunately, what you guys get is me, photographing myself with an unwashed face and just a few minutes out of bed. I'll try for a better pick post-gym/shower.

Its redder and little darker than I normally go, but I'm looking forward to that, because in the past its gone a bit too golden after the fading and I think that this will not do the same thing. And, I secured my new new girl for the future - I told her that its nothing personal about the knee girl, but I just loved the way everything came out today and that I'll be seeing her from now on. And I tipped really well, so I'm sure she'll be excited about seeing me again, too. Hooray for great hair!

Eventually I'll be knitting and sewing again, I promise. I just don't have the bug right now, though I do have huge aspirations. We'll see what happens.


Veronique said...

I love your hair color! I used to dye my hair the same exact color, in fact, the redder, the better....
Enjoy your break and good luck with the new job.

Jessica said...

Wow, I love that red! Very cool.

Cathi said...

Very foxy- I love it! I think about going back to red a lot, but it's just not the time for me yet. You look fab- hope you went out for a drink or something fun after the salon.