Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Sleep. Sleep, little sleeper...

Today I got up at 5:00 AM to go to the gym. Say wha? You heard me right. I got up at 5 AM to go to the gym. I realized that I need my evenings for schoolwork, and I am unwilling to give up my gym obsession, so mornings it is.

Observations on waking at 5AM:
  • Its dark. Really dark. It seems like its darker than nighttime dark.
  • Its lonely. Nothing is open. And I'm talking about a ten-minute walk along a stretch of Fulton Street in Brooklyn. I think that one dirtydeli was open and that's it.
  • I saw 2 people. Strangely, they were both fat women and they were both wearing large down coats with the hood up. I did see a third person leaving my gym, but I don't count that person, as they're crazy earlygymgoer like me.
  • I saw 1 bus along the entire walk. Remember folks, this is Fulton Street. One bus. Typically there's one bus every 10 feet on Fulton.
  • Its hard to get up. But, thankfully, that's the hardest part. Once I was actually out of bed, the rest wasn't too bad. I had arranged my clothing the night before, so I grabbed my sneaks and my sports bra from the pile and left the bedroom so as not to wake my true love, and once I got out, it was easy. I washed my face, brushed my teeth, got dressed and left.
  • I like the gym in the morning. Its quiet. The gum-chewers as still asleep. And you know that the people there at that hour are as serious (read: obsessed) as me, not like the idiots who show up at 7 PM with makeup on and prance around, who are there to see and be seen.
  • And so I ran. I had to do a longer warmup than usual to get my legs working, but my run was just as good as it is in the evenings. And now I have the whole night free, though I'm not sure how long that'll be given I woke up at 5 freaking AM.
  • The nicest part was walking home. Its like my street came alive in the time I ran 3.5 miles. That was cool.
And now here I am. Its work-time, and I've already done my run. That's good. I feel good.

In knitting news, I am one and a half repeats into the Elfine sock, and I love the pattern. I love Magic Loop. Seriously. And I love the colors I chose for the sock. I just wish I had more time to work on it. I realized that I haven't finished a project in a while, and that's kinda bugging me. I think this weekend I'm going to make an effort to finish the purple blankie shawl that you may remember from the fall. Oh, and I also started a skirt last weekend that I'll likely finish this weekend. Its cute. Purple corduroy. Yum.

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Cathi said...

I always feel so virtuous after getting up early- even if it's not for something good like going to the gym.