Thursday, March 02, 2006


It looks like I missed my 100th post. So, let this, my 104th post, be a celebration of all the times I actually wrote something!

Goals for the next 100 (or, 96):
  • Write more often. At least 2x a week. That seems like a good goal.
  • Post more pictures. Even if I can't get to knitting and progress photos, there must be something I could show.
  • Use my voice!
While we're on numbers, I was charged 50 cents for a banana today. 50 cents! Is anyone out there as outraged as I am over this price? Typically, bananas go for about 25 cents. Occasionally I've bought them for 30 cents. But 50? As in two for a dollar? That's like robbery. Seriously. I actually walked out of the first place, because I decided that I would not pay that much for one stinking banana. It didn't even look that good. But then, I really wanted a banana. And the next place I went into also charged the same amount. So I decided that today I would do it, but never again.

Now, the banana is an issue for me today because I'm hungry. I am hungry like I haven't eaten in weeks. Hungry like Nicole Ritchie must be, if her nerves even work properly anymore. Its the gym-in-the-morning thing. Yesterday I was starving all day, too. And I needed to feed my hunger with good food, and not with crap, or what's the freaking point in waking up at 5AM? It worked well today, too. Last night I was able to start a paper and read two chapters for school. I went to bed at around 10 PM, and then did it all over again this morning. Tonight I'll do more reading and maybe work on my skirt. I think this might work for me!

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