Friday, January 13, 2006

More Shoes? Really?

Its true. I just can't stop buying shoes.

But aren't they so cute? They are pretty comfortable, too. I find that most of time, flats are harder to break in than heels, because there is more of an unnatural feeling to a flat shoe. I actually find heels more comfortable in many cases. But these shoes, boy are they cute. I had no trouble the first time wearing them, and today is number two. Just as cute with jeans as with a skirt. And for once, DSW actually paid off! I got them there for about $45, and Zappos (thanks for the picture!) is selling them for over $70. I'm surprised because oftentimes I find that DSW isn't less expensive than regular retailers.

I didn't sleep last night. Well, I sort of slept last night. Snorey McSnoresalot came home drunk last night, and he has a cold. The triple-threat of snore possibilities. The dude is sleeping like a log due to the alcohol, which increases snoring behavior, can't really breathe because of his cold, and is regularly prone to snoring. Guess where that left me? If you guess awake on the couch, you win a zillion dollars. After still staring a the ceiling praying that he would just shut the fuck up until 12:30, I left our bed. It wasn't much better on the couch, where I could still hear him. I feel alseep sometime after 1, and then woke up with a start at 3:40, when I decided that I could try going back to bed. He was still sawing away, but I managed to sleep until my alarm went off this morning at 6:40. Suffice to say that this little scrambled egg is NOT a happy camper today.

I have decided that I must learn the Magic Loop method. I've been trying to work on my sock, but I just can't stand knitting with those toothpick dpns. It really hurts my hands, and when I do it on the subway, I'm too fearful of poking my eye out. Any suggestions for Magic Loop tutorials? Or do I really need to buy the leaflet?


Rebecca said...

This tutorial is all you need for the magic loop - it's so amazing you'll be amazed that you ever wrestled with those DPNs.

Don't bother with the leaflet.

Rebecca said...

Yes, I really did write "amazing" twice in the same sentence. YIKES.

Anonymous said...

Love the shoes! And thank goodness for Zappos.

I did the same thing last night - I spent too much on shoes at Daffy's, but then got home and found that they were twice as much on zappos, so that made me feel better.