Sunday, December 18, 2005


Sorry I have been completely MIA lately. Things haven't been so easy for me for the past several weeks, but I'm pleased to say that the negative forces in my life have been negotiated away and I am ready willing and able for a new start. The even better news is that I've actually found that new start and rather like it.

I've also gotten the crochet bug. I learned after learning how to knit, mainly to do some decorative edges and the like, but last winter actually made a scarf. Today, I started another crochet scarf. One pattern repeat in and I am so down with this - the pattern, from is amazing.

I have about 10 rows to go on the baby blanket, which works out great since we're leaving on Wednesday morning, after which I will officially be out of time. I think I may wash and block it there, as I won't see the recipient until Christmas Day. Whew.

Socks on hold, but they may be my travel piece, along with the crochet. Green scarfy is almost done.

More when I have the chance, but I'm still standing. And standing proud.


MeBeth said...

Glad you're back and things are looking up!

Colette said...

Glad to hear that you are making a new start - best way to start a new year.