Sunday, December 04, 2005

Its been some time

I realize that its been many moons since I've last posted. Time just gets away from me these days.

In that time, Mike celebrated his 30th birthday...

...and he was a real trooper. I'm so proud of him. He's made so many changes in his life in the time that I've known him and he deserves whatever goodness may come his way.

In other news, I'm still knitting though I am embarassed to show another progress shot of the baby blanket. I just want it done. I know I can finish it, its just that I keep forgetting to pick it up while I'm sitting on the couch.

And last night my sweetie took me to see Alvin Ailey at the CityCenter. What an amazing show. If any of you NYCers are in any way interested in modern dance, GO SEE ALVIN AILEY. Their run just started, so there's still time to buy a ticket. Its worth whatever you pay. I never wanted last nght to end - it was magical. And, we lucked out with an aisle seat with no seat in front of it for my 6'4" stud. What are the odds?


MeBeth said...

Now I really want to see Alvin Ailey - the show sounds great! And I think you're wise to use only one candle, all thirty can be a bit overwhelming on one cake.

jess said...

whenever i've seen alvin ailey, i cannot help but wonder how those people are even the same species as me. amazing, amazing stuff, eh?